Thursday, January 29, 2009
Your biggest fear.
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What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Losing Someone

You love affection and the people in your life more than anything. Your greatest fear is that one day someone you care about won't be there anymore. You are a very friendly and inviting person, who draws in a lot of friendships with your kind, considerate, and loyal nature. However, deep down you are slightly insecure and unsure of yourself. You couldn't deal with it if you didn't have one of your loved ones in your life anymore. You don't have too much to worry about though, because with a friend like you, no one will want to lose you either!

Being Alone


Where Your life is Going

Looked down on



What is your True Fear?
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You are 84%a P--- STAR!

Wild like to have fun. Don't wake up next door. Next time you plan on doing it that long let me know so I can role the cam. I could make some money. Find the person who scored low on this test, and teach them a few things.

How good are you in bed
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You are 57% controlling/perfectionist!

For you, life is all about balance. Balancing your independent and dependent side. On some issues you are not likely to be swayed, and you don't let people push you around. But you also recognize how important it is to rely on others, and you are not afraid to trust others. The world would be very imbalanced without people like you.

How controlling/perfectionist are you?
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Oh, my, you are a 8% annoying customer

You're a retailer's dream! You're polite and responsible, and you understand how the economy functions. Thank you, and come back anytime.

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You are 56% addicted to the internet.

You are moderately addicted to the Internet. ou may want to consider trying to get away from the machine a little more frequently. Maybe go hiking, or running... somehow I suspect you don't get much exercise.

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