Sunday, March 1, 2009
First Semester, Year One.
{3:25 PM}

WOOOHOOOO. Like, finally, exams are over! Fine, it's been long overdue but I kinda needed to recuperate so pardon me on the lagginess of my postings.

Anyhow, how time flies. Finally, I'm a third FINAL year baby! Yes, a senior, last year in polytechnic, last semester before finally heading off for attachment. I honestly cannot wait for graduation somehow.

However, looking back on my past two years journey, let me do some recollection. I'm going to be updating on daily basis on each semester's journey so keep on checking - in case I do not update them on daily basis. :D

Now, now, first semester. Full of anxiety and anticipation. I didn't know if I had made the right decision about choosing Accountancy eventually cause I didn't think I would be able to keep up with the polytechnic life.

First off, orientation!

With our OG leaders.

Angeline, Meng Kui, Yvonne, Jean, ME (on top of Gary), Gary, Benjamin, Joyce, Jasmine

Joyce, Angeline, Yvonne, Jean, Meng Kui, ME, Gary, Benjamin

First Row:
Millie, Cheryl

Second Row:
Benjamin, ME, Jasmine, Joyce, Chew Yan, Meng Kui

Third Row:
Yvonne, Angeline, Kenichi, Gary

OH, those times and I still remembered that we skipped the last day of games just to go out on our outing. AND Joyce had her ahlian hair done. LOL. I remembered that her whole hairdo costs her a three figure sum. :D

School then started and boo hoo! No one was in the same class with me except for Charles! I was placed in an ITE class and the first day was more than scary for me. Everywhere I turned in the room were people who had graduated with a 4.0 gpa from ite. *shudders* To think that I'm the lowest in the class with merely a 3.4.

I barely took part in school activities till I signed up for the Serve Cambodia trip. Eventually, all my ex classmates; Charles and Mah Ting Hui along with me got chosen to be part of the 24 strong team.

The keychains we did for the kids at the Children's society. Sigh, I miss Benjamin.

We then had a bonding camp. Here's my recollection.

It has only been less than 12 hours ago since we left the camp but it seemed like forever since we last met. I must admit that the whole three days fiasco certainly bit me hard, making me crave for more. The whole lot was indeed a fun bunch and every second spent with each individual totally affirmed my decision to join the Serve trip. At the end of the day, it was easy to remember the names (for me, at least!) cause I was the “fortunate” one to do the whole round up of names for the guys. Let me see if I can remember all the names.

Guys: Charles, Mah Ting Hui, Raymond, Andy, Hsein Tze, Anderson, Joel, Chee Yau, Liu Hock, Aik Leng, Mr William as well as yours truly, of course!

Girls: Vanessa, Vera, Rosanna, Jasmine, Wan Xia, Wen Yu, Josephine, Kerlina, Kaili, Siew Wai, Ms Dr Rosa and of course Wen Si who couldn’t join us because of her sprained ankle. I wish you a speedy recovery.

There were so many highlights of the whole event.

Bonding games - Gave us the opportunity to totally break the ice and have interactions with the whole gang. I believed prior to the camp, there were cliques from all over and with this, came the chance for us to mingle around. My personal favourite was the seahorse, I mean, the animal game. It was the best, especially when now, we have Vera, the seahorse, as our mascot!

Sharing sessions - We are a team and therefore, in order to be the best team out there, we have to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I believe those sessions helped me a great deal because it allowed me to know more about each individual in a greater retrospection. That would certainly help me in my interaction skills further.

Meal sessions - It was fun preparing food and getting our taste buds tested with the culinary skills that our fellow Servers had. Amazingly, the food served were top notch. I’m totally impressed with what they could cook up with; especially when they say that this was their first experience in doing so. See? We learn to do things independently and new all the time.

The BBQ - It was awesome! Although we took a long time to set up the fire (with me getting blamed for being the firefighter and dousing the flames all the time. Hmph!), it ended up with our customers coming back for more. Maybe I have found my calling in life. I should open up the “Syahid BBQ Catering Services.” Now, that’s a thought. Entrenepreneurial skills in my blood heh?

The Dance - Oh my! Joel. What a dancer! Thanks for showing us those moves. Now, I can’t get it off my mind. As a matter of fact, I’ve been practising it since just now. You didn’t just read my thoughts. :p

The Skit - I’m the head honcho for the sharks of course. It was fun doing the skit. It was awesome! I can’t wait till we show those kids the whole deal. Who knows? We might win an Oscar for that. One can only dream, can we?

At the end of the three days, I’m sure everyone was exhausted, but feeling happy. It was a great experience and I definitely will be looking forward to it again in Cambodia! Only a week left before we set off and I’m so psyched especially after looking at the pictures of Cambodia that our facilitators had shown us. I’m so ready to leave behind my sheltered and pampered life for a whole new enriching experience!

In all, I would like to thank WE, as well as the respective groups for being so spontaneous in everything. Everyone has put their heart and soul into it, which totally showed throughout the whole stay. Also, the sharing of Cambodia’s history and significance totally helped me as well as the others a great deal. So, the next time you see me smiling and nodding profusely, you know how I’m feeling heh? *winks*

Amidst all the fun, the adrenaline rush for mugging was insane. I had no clue that it was flipping competitive in ACC. My first thought when everyone began scoring straight As for their common tests was that I was pretty much screwed and should just quit school right there. But I held on, of course! Here's a breakdown of all the modules.

Business Computing Applications

Me, being an IT idiot, honestly thought I would die for this module. But I was kinda relieved when it was all about EXCEL. Thank god for those admin days. It totally saved me from being a shame at those classes. The practices though burnt my weekends and the projects made me pull my hair. Damn hard. But overall, I kinda enjoyed Mrs Tang's classes.

Intermediate Financial Accounting

Man, an Accounting module! I've never scored an A for any accounting module back in ITE. As a matter of fact, I had completely forgotten everything. And now, I had to take this. To make matters worst, we were exempted from two earlier accounting modules and had to jump on to this second year module.

Cost Accounting

Woo hoo! My favorite module; has always been since my ITE days. However, my CT results were depressing for this. I merely got a B+ when my other classmates were all getting As. :( However, I totally chiong-ed for the final paper! Second year module somemore.

Business Statistics

MATHS! :( Surprisingly, I liked this module despite the fact that it was entirely mathematical. Well, with a tinge of Englishness to it, of course! I was pretty disappointed in myself cause I expected to score well for this but alas, it wasn't bad.


OMG. I totally adore this module. I enjoyed the lectures and the tutorials, thanks to Mrs Ng Lai Leng. However, I think I pretty much slacking and thus, didn't do as well for the final paper. But, macro is definitely easier than micro!

Individual and Community

I must admit that this IS module was pretty much boring but I liked the project. We had to do a hypothesis on social behavior and my group did "Is blogging a norm amongst Ngee Ann Polytechnic students?". We thought we killed it! Awesomeness!

Life Management Skills

OOOOOH. I look forward to this lesson every week. It's really damn fun. Mrs Ann Marie was also entertaining and my group was constantly so participative. It was a bummer that our project got a B but I guess we never gave up.

Finally, that sums up the semester. Phew. Watch out for the next post on the second semester!